The fringe benefit of flying with us begins before you leave the house. Air travel starts with the choice of airline, whether it be by choice of airline, competitive pricing, departure time from origin, arrival time at destination and or previous experience.

ValueJet Airline offers flights, cheap tickets, low fares and Miles rewards. Make the most of each moment when you travel. Skip the hassle and book in advance. Convenient cancellation up to 24 hours before your event. All stress free .

As a prospective passenger you can either book and purchase your ticket direct from our airline’s website by visiting our ticketing office, or through an our accredited travel agents. It is usually more convenient to check in online 24 to 4 hours prior to departure of the flight to save time at the airport and to preselect a preferred assigned seat, such as an aisle or window seat in either the fore or aft of the aircraft cabin. You can also manage your flight online by including your reference booking number.

Find out more about enjoying our flight services by contacting us here.