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Baggage, Lost & Damaged Properties

Q :What is my allowance for checked baggage?

Q :What is my allowance for cabin baggage?

Q :How will my baggage allowance be calculated?

Q :What is the policy for transporting Dangerous Goods?

Q :What are the rules and charges for travelling with animals?

Q :Can I carry firearms, weapons and ammunition in my baggage?

Q :What should I do if my baggage is lost or damaged?

Q :Do I get compensated if my baggage is lost or damaged?

Special Assistance And Requests

Q :What if I have special medications that I must carry with me?

Q :Can my child travel alone on a ValueJet flight? (Unaccompanied minor)

Q :I require a Special Service Request (SSR) on my flight. What do I need to do?

Online Booking on ValueJet

Q :What is online booking and how does it work?

Q :How do I know my ticket has been booked and paid for?

Q :What is an electronic ticket (e-ticket)?

Q :What is the maximum number of passengers I can make a reservation for?

Q :Can I change or transfer passenger name on my ticket?

Q :What payment methods are available when booking online?

Q :What should I do if I paid but have not received a ticket?

Q :What is Booking on Hold?

Q :Ancillary Products

Q :Do I have to register on before I can book online?

Covid-19 Information

Q :Do I have to wear a face mask to travel on ValueJet?

Q :Can I still choose my seat on the flight?

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