A central part of the whole passenger journey is the airport experience, so it is essential to ensure that it is positive. Communication is vital. Keeping passengers connected and informed enhances the journey.

We bring our members updates on cheap flights to amazing locations. Our customers receive daily Newsletters personally addressed to them. We Send email notifications, our call center numbers are active, and we have live chat assistance on our website where we reply all their questions

Comfort: Seat comfort rarely seems to improve on planes; it is one of the more frequent passenger complaints. At Valuejet Airline we provide maximum comfort for our travellers.

Cleanliness: The need for a clean environment has become important during air travel. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, airplanes and airports were considered unsanitary. At valuejet, we take extra measures to ensure the aircrafts are clean.

Efficiency: Our travellers expect service efficiency in every aspect of their air travel. We offer social media-based customer services that assist travellers in re-booking flights, or making other flight-related changes.

Courtesy: Few things go farther toward creating a positive flying experience than when passengers are treated with courtesy, respect, and a smile. To us, Customer satisfaction scores are consistently higher when airline staffs greet each passenger with a smile and a “Have a good flight.”

Location Location based services and up-to-date information such as flight status and locating gate and baggage collections are now seen as essential to enhancing the passenger journey and making the airport experience positive.

(From an airport perspective this improves the passenger touch point and enables the experience to be tailored to the individual passenger. The ability to request assistance in real-time adds tremendous value to the passenger experience.) Having flexibility in travel is one sure way to get the best experience.