So, you have booked your flight and sorted out how and when to leave for the airport. Now it's time to pack your carry-on luggage, the most important travel bag that you should never forget. It’s one of those essentials you need to have to carry all your other must-have travel items.

This list is to help you if you don’t know what to pack on your carry-on:

  1. Passports, Visas, and ID: You can’t go anywhere without these, they are very important.
  2. Face Masks: When traveling you will be wearing one and you should carry extra. Making sure it covers your nose and mouth.
  3. Hand sanitizer: If you have to touch a surface, immediately use a hand sanitizer that is 60 percent alcohol or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. The hand sanitizer should be portable in size because anything exceeding that won’t be allowed on the flight.
  4. Disinfectant wipes and spray: Disinfecting or alcohol-based wipes and spray are useful in so many ways when traveling. From cleaning hands and personal items like handbags and electronic devices or earphones and screens on the plane to making sure that door knobs or toilet seats are clean in public bathrooms or restaurants. You will find dozens of uses for these handy little things so make sure you pack some in your hand luggage and some in your suitcase.
  5. Gadgets: Pack up your phone, laptop, tablet etc. without forgetting to take their chargers too.
  6. Money: Take your credit card/ debit card and some amount of cash with you to pay for some things.
  7. Any Documents you will need on the trip: Put them on the carry-on for easier access because you will need them.