You can easily book and purchase flight tickets online. In the past, flight booking in Nigeria used to be exclusively done offline i.e. physically at an airline’s office or through a flight booking agent. With the advancement of technology it has made it possible to be done anywhere. The online process is simple, secure and convenient. When booking flights online, you are given various payment options through different payment platforms such as Debit cards, Quickteller, Pega etc. There is also an option to print the booking payment slip to take to a partner bank for payment.

Requirements for online flights booking in Nigeria

Here are the basic requirements:

  1. Passenger Details
  2. International passport and any other means of identification
  3. Active Email Address and phone number
  4. Payment options i.e with your debit card or you can select any other payment option
  5. Trip Details: The date of the flight, the airport you are flying to etc.
  6. Personal Details: Full names (to be spelled exactly as it is in your ID or passport) and date of birth
  7. Ideal cabin class (Economy / Premium Economy / Business / First Class / Suites)

How to book local Flights in Nigeria:

Local or domestic flights are those within Nigeria i.e. from one state to another.

  • Select the airport you want to fly from e.g. If you are in Lagos, you can fly from Murtala Muhammed Domestic Airport but if you are in a state without an airport, you can choose the state nearest to you that has an airport.
  • Choose which airport you want to fly to i.e. your destination; this is the state you are going to or the nearest state to it that has an airport if it doesn’t have one.
  • Choose which day you want to leave and if you plan to come back by air, the day you want to return
  • Next find airlines that fly to the state you want to visit from your departure airport, not all airlines fly to all states